September 27, 2011

Some great Fall Books for preschoolers

Last week my preschooler and I studied about Fall. It was a fun subject to learn about and in the process we came across some really great books. These would be terrific for other homeschooling families or families that like to read!

Count Down to Fall by Fran Hawk: This book introduces basic information about the fall season and reinforces counting 1-10. The back of the book also has a few activities which really was a great resource for me as a homeschooling mother.

What Happens in Fall? by Sara L. Latta: A great introductory book of the science behind fall and why the leaves change color.

Leaves Fall Down by Lisa Bullard: This is a fun and short book introducing the concept of fall and why leaves change color. It also has extra resources listed in the back of the book along with instruction for a fun fall craft project for kids.

Hooray for Fall by Kazuo Iwamura: This is just a fun cute book about fall. Terrific for children who aren't ready for a lot of information but are starting to make observations about their surroundings.

We found all of these great books and more at our local library. Many libraries these days are online so you can search before you go and even request them online and pick them up a couple days later. I found this to be a great resource to me so that I can go in with my list and not spend hours in the library. My son enjoys looking at other books or using the childrens computer while I gather our books.

Not just for crafts

There are so many great things I want to share with people and I don't have the time or energy to create separate blogs for each of them so I'm going to be doing it all in one place!

I am happy that many of you have enjoyed seeing my crafty creations and I hope you also enjoy my thoughts on other things as well, including homeschooling and great deals!