January 2, 2010

What a start to the new year!

So today is the start of deployment #3! I'm sad to see Tom leave for yet another deployment and only after 5 months home from the last. But hey that's the life in the Navy (on his ship anyway). Thomas doesn't realize that his daddy will be gone for so long but he's been gone so much since we've been in Virginia that it's very normal for all of us. It's unfortunate that our normal is to have him gone but it's our reality. It does make it easier to deal with him being gone though, we don't have to do too much readjusting. On a happy note this is most likely our last deployment EVER! Unless something drastic happens in the next three years. I can definitely feel that the end is coming closer, this will be our last deployment and when we go to shore command next year (2011) it will be our last military relocation! The lasts' of our military life have just begun. I can't believe that it's been 5 years already and we've only got 3 left. It has been a roller coaster so far but one I've enjoyed having been on. I hope that this new year brings us happy memories and safe travel for my hubby and all those who are out there serving as well!


Amy said...

I'm sorry you have to be without your DH for so long so that we are all safer. Thank your DH for his service to us and thank you too!

tamara davis said...

thanks so much!