June 29, 2009

Great Crop Weekend at The Shoe!

Starting on Thursday June 25th one of my favorite online communities started their summer crop. It lasted until Sunday June 28th. This crop was put on by the wonderful design team over at If the Shoe Fits...Scrap It! There were TONS of fun challenges and 5 door prizes through out the 4 days. I even won one of the door prizes (stickles!).
  • Color Crop Challenge: We were challenged to create a project that was all black and white except for one red item, and only one. Here is what I came up with.
  • A Year of Cards: This challenge was to make a card for every month of the year with some simple rules for each month. January had to be a celebration card. February had to be a Valentines day card. March had to be a spring themed card. April had to be an Easter card with yellow on it. May had to be a Mother's day card with purple on it. June had to be a Father's day card with brown. July had to be a patriotic card with a heart on it. August had to be a peaceful summer card with yellow ribbon. September had to be a back to school card with an apple on it. October had to be a Halloween card with orange and black ribbon on it. November had to be a thank you card with 3 flowers on it. December had to be a Christmas card with 2 circles and polka dots. So here they are in order. I was lucky enough to win this great challenge!

  • Race Game: This game was hosted by one of our design team members who happens to be a big Nascar fan. She composed 18 laps, revealing them one at a time at different (unexpected) intervals. By the time I noticed this game it was already in lap 2. Lap 2 was monochromatic depending on the main color you were wearing at the time. Lap 3 was a card sketch. Lap 4 was a double page LO (I finished it but posted just seconds too late). Lap 5 we were to use circles as our only embellishment I loved this one! Laps 6-9 took place during church and I missed them. Lap 10 was an explosion box which was really fun to do. Lap 11 was a Black and White challenge everything had to be black and white including the photo. Lap 12 was a challenge to create 3 different Christmas cards. Lap 13-18 I was at a birthday party and missed out on as well.
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13. Missed 14. Missed 15. Missed 16. Missed 17. Missed 18. Missed

  • Ad Inspired Challenge: We were given the Ad below and told to create a card or LO using the ad as our inspiration

  • Year in Review Challenge: We were given 12 sketches and 12 "themes" and were told to create a year's worth of LO's. I decided to make a 8x8 album that I would give as a gift later on.

  • Get Vintage With it: We were to create any project with a vintage flare. These were our rules; use a retro/vintage image, distressed and inked edges somewhere, use lace, and use neutral colors. I found a great vintage image of a sailor so I went with that and made a fun tag.

  • ATC Challenge-Vampy Style: We were challenged to create an Artist's Trading Card using the theme of a Vamp! What a fun challenge this was.
  • Feeling Scrappy?: We were challenged to create a card or LO using only scraps. Here is what I came up with.
  • Sketch Challenge: We were given a sketch to create a LO. The sketch is on the left with mine next to it.
  • Scraplift Challenge: We were challenged to pick a LO, card or project from the Photo gallery in the community and then make our own version. These are always fun. My pick is on the left and my version is on the right.

  • Style Challenge: We were given rules to create a LO while also using our personal style. The rules were; Use only 1 or 2 pictures, use 3 or more different patterned papers, no card stock unless only used as backing, ribbon, 3 or more buttons and at least one other type of embellishment. I won this challenge with this LO!
  • BUSY, BUSY! Throw it all down Challenge: We were challenged to create a card or LO using NO negative space. Every inch had to be covered with an embellishment or patterned paper. This is the one I did not get around to. I kept putting it off afraid to take the plunge and time ran out before I could do it but it was a great challenge!
  • Simplicity Challenge: The exact opposite of the challenge above! We were given the challenge to create a card or LO using only 1/3 of the space down the center. Some people did a really great job but in the end I think mine was a little to simple but I still like it.
  • ABC, so simple as do re mi: This challenge was inspired by Michael Jackson after his sudden passing. We were challenge to create a LO using one of his songs as the inspiration. After seeing a large list I found one song title that would be a good title for a page I needed to get done so here it is.

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