February 24, 2011

A great new ebook for scrappers of all levels!

So as I was looking around the blog world today I happened across this post from Irene over at Scrapperlicious. She is a great scrapper who always has inspiring work and I often wish I could be as creative as her. She recently got the opportunity to be a part of an ebook containing scrapper tips. The great part is that she gets to share a sneak peak with friends and she put the link on her site. I read through it and I want to read more!! I've never been a big one for reading "scrapping" books because many of the ones I've seen are so outdated they just couldn't keep my attention but knowing the kind of work that Irene does I know that the other contributors will be just as inspiring.

To share her joy with everyone she is even giving away a gift to one lucky reader who spreads the word and leaves a comment on her post!! Can you believe how generous she is! The only thing she didn't do was leave a link to the site where you can purchase the book but thank you Google!! Here is the link and currently (as I'm typing) the price is reduced with some awesome bonus items tied in!! As soon as I'm done posting I'm going to ask my hubby if I can buy it!! Hurry and be sure to get it before the price goes back up!

Congrats Irene and all the other wonderful scrappers to shared their talent in this exciting new book!!

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