December 15, 2009

The fastest and greatest Christmas gift I've made!!

First bare with me as I tell you about my latest project. I am still pretty new to blogging and I'm trying to find my vibe. I'd like to get into more detail as far as the products I use like many of the other bloggers out there but am not 100% there yet. Thanks for your patience!
I realized this morning after finishing up the year in review photo books for my parents and grandparents that I had left out my Father in law and his wife. (Whom we don't have the greatest relationship with) So I decided that I needed to make them a last minute photo book before I mailed all the gifts out tomorrow. My other books held 20 photos so to make this much easier and cheaper I decided to only choose 1 photo per month. I dragged my hubby away from his computer to help me with this one and I have to say if he wasn't helping me out it would have turned out completely different!
I started by printing out our 12 photo choices on the 4x6 photo paper you get at the Dollar Tree (it works really well, just as good as Walgreens and much cheaper). I wanted to keep them in the true 4x6 size so I planned to place them on 4.25x6.25 pages. (I always use and extra .25 inch whenever I am matting something. It keeps all my matting nice and even through projects) So planning on having my pages in that size I decided to make my front and back cover 4.5x6.5 to overlap the pages just a bit. Below are some pictures of the front cover, inside pages and the back cover.

I used a piece of left over thick cardboard (from what I can't remember) to cut the base of the covers. I covered the outside of the cover with Natural Wood Grain from DCWV. I added a 2 inch strip of the worded patterned paper to both covers as well (I do not remember who makes it, I bought it quite a while ago). I also used that patterned paper to cover the inside of the covers. I used a "Boys will be Boys" sticker from Me & My Big Ideas for the title. I used little gear Thickers: Subway Accents to add a little something extra so it wouldn't seem so empty. Next I added on the tie to each cover (I used some black ribbon I had in my snippets jar) using TTT to adhere it. I had to use 6 different pieces of card stock to make my 12 pages in the book. I cut out a 6.25x8.5 piece from each card stock and scored it at 4.25 inches. To adhere all the pages together I used TTT and my glue dot runner (to spare my TTT or it would all be gone by the end of this one project). Once all the pages were together and attached to the covers I just added my photos and printed out the 12 months from my computer using the font MICHAEL.

I am so pleased with the way it came out that I am not wanting to give it up! I think next year I will have to do these for my parents and grandparents as well! Of course I might do more than the 12, just because it's so hard to choose only one photo! Thanks for looking!

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