December 23, 2009

My workspace this wednesday

What's on my Work Desk Wednesday?
Well, sorry to disappoint once again but this is all my work desk has on it at the moment. I started working on this yesterday afternoon and am waiting to finish up the details. I was out scrapping at my friends house last night which always cleans my space up here at home. However, I did start a project that is in the wings waiting to be finished.

My son's birthday is only a few weeks away (Jan. 9th) and so the Christmas prep had to take a back seat for a while so I could get started on his party. He will be three in the new year and I'm going to give him a WOW! WOW! Wubbzy! birthday party. Thomas and all his friends absolutely adore Wubbzy and I had seen some pictures of a Wubbzy birthday cake somewhere on the web and just had to do it! I've got some stuff in the mail on it's way for his party and these are the makings of his invitations. I just have to go out and get some more card stock to finish them up. I'm really excited about his party!

On another note, although my "scrapping" area is not such a mess my dinning room table is!! Today is my baking day for Christmas. Usually I spread it all through the week but this holiday season my plate has been a little more full than normal. I've been running a play group for the last few months and that has taken a lot of my time. So today will be a marathon of baking, laundry, and packing before heading to my in-laws tomorrow. I'm hoping I can get it all done, it's just going to be a very long and tiring day. I'm hoping that I might be able to get my hubby and son to go out for a bit so that I can really concentrate on what I need to do. Well, I think I've taken a long enough break and should get back to work. Thanks for stopping by ladies and I hope you all have a great Holiday and a safe New Year!


Julia Dunnit said...

Hope it was a successful day Tamara, mine was the same, baking and laundry. My back aches from all the kitchen time! It's not possible to have a disappointing desk...the invitation work for Thomas is sounding fab - I don't think Wubbzy has been to Britain, he looks cute! Happy Christmas to you and yours.

Amy said...

Looks like a fab layout on your work desk, Tamara and Wubbzy looks so cute, no wonder you're having so much fun planning the party! Hope you got your baking and laundry done so you can relax and enjoy your day tomorrow! Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! :)

BOB BOYLE said...

I hope that the Wubbzy party goes well!

I get Google alerts that tell me whenever something Wubbzy related pops up on the net.

I just wanted to stop by and say Hi.

Good luck with the party!

Bob Boyle, creator of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!