December 30, 2009


It is Wednesday again already! Where has time gone. This week my desk is much more crowded than last. But it's not completely untidy, it's definitely an organized mess.

You can see on the very bottom of my pile is my Fire Station LO that I had been working on and finished a few days ago. It's still waiting to be put away in the scrapbook album. I've got to get that organized before I can put it in there. On top of that I've got some scraps sorted into color groups waiting to be put away. I've decided that I need another paper sorter for my tiny scraps, I've decided to get a coupon organizer to use for that I just have yet been able to go pick one up. I'm hoping to get one in the next few days so I can get my scraps re-organized so that all those tiny scraps will be easier to find and use up instead of just creating more by using the bigger scraps. On top of that is a card in the cream envelope waiting to be put away in my card keeper. I've been working on clearing and putting away my "overflow" space on the couch and it just gets transferred to the work desk, at least the couch is clean right?! All the way on the far end is my son's birthday invitations waiting to be stamped and sent off in the mail with some images and stickers on top needed to be stashed away. I also have some Christmas ribbons and tags that I plan on using on LO's and some cut outs that I got off of Christmas cards, tags and boxes to use as well. My Dad would be so proud of me for using real "scraps" on my pages, he always asks why I buy things to scrapbook with when your supposed to use actual scraps from real life. He remembers his grandmother scrapping with household scraps and he's very much old school. So I use that as inspiration to find uses for as many scraps as possible and during the holidays it is just SOOOO easy! Now some really fun stuff and some blah stuff on my desk this week, a gift card to Red Lobster : ) and my rent bill : ( . Thanks for stopping by and taking a look ladies! I hope you come by during the rest of the week as well to see what else I have going on.


SueH said...

A girl after my own heart, using up all her tiny scraps. I’ve decided to try and do the same this year.

I’ve the look of your son’s space ship party invitations. I myself have to start on my God daughter’s wedding invitations in the next few weeks so it will be busy, busy, busy!


Linby said...

using scraps is a good idea - perhaps we should make it our new year resolution LOL! I LOVE the idea of paper plates must try that out too!

Julia Dunnit said...

The coupon holder is a great idea...even I could probably manage that! Your desk is looking busy - I'm terrible at putting away, so will wait with envy to see your next WOYWW!!