March 8, 2011

Works in Progress

So it's been a while since I posted last. My son has gotten better and we've been attending play dates and he's back at preschool so my time to craft and be on the computer has dropped. I do have three projects to share with you today so it might get a little lengthy. If you have the patience to read through it all thanks so much! If not I hope you at least enjoy the photos.

This first project is from my Mom's Craft play date that I had this morning. I like to host one of these each month to let the moms get in on the fun while the kids play. I had found these great bamboo coasters (advertised as wedding favors) at Michaels on sale for $10 for a set of 40. So I bought those, brought out all my paints and let the ladies paint the coasters in any way they wanted. Not everyone was happy with their results but I was happy with mine. We used regular acrylic paints and then a decoupage glue over top to protect the paint from condensation. It was really fun and now I have a cute set of coasters that match my decor!


It's baby season and SO many people around me are having babies but the most important one (other than myself) is my sister! She and my brother in law have been waiting a long time to add a little baby to their family and we are all so excited for him or her. She lives on the west coast and I live on the east coast so we won't be able to attend each other's baby showers so to be a part of it I offered to make her invitations for her. She is having a luncheon Tea so I wanted to find papers that reminded me of tea cups and fancy wall paper you would see in a tea parlor. I also wanted there to be a variety since many people are helping out by providing the tea cups for her shower and they aren't going to match. It's sorta the thing now anyways. I'm loving how they are turning out so far but it's a lot of work to get all the pieces together.

This is what the final look will be with some variety of course. I hope she loves them and that they impress all of her guests. Hopefully it will help set the mood that she wants for her special day!


One of the most important projects I've been working on is recovering my infant car seat! My son is now 4 years old and I am expecting a baby girl at the beginning of May. After 4 years of buying everything in blues and greens and reds I'm finding that I LOVE pink. This is really odd because I actually hate pink so to have found a love for it is a bit shocking. So although my green car seat is gender neutral and is a nice pattern I wanted something more girly. So instead of buying a whole new car seat I decided to recover it. This is what it looked like in the beginning.
This is the progress my friend and I have made so far. We aren't making it from scratch we are using the old one and just covering it. We started by measuring the center portion and the side portions and sewing the pink fabric on the sides of the patterned fabric. (Oh we did separate the cover where the seat meets the back to make it easier to cover) Then we marked where the "button" holes were, these are the slits where the belts will go through. After sewing the holes and cutting them I pinned the new fabric on the cover and hand stitched around the holes to join the cover and the new fabric. Now we are waiting for another day that we can set aside a couple hours to get it finished. I can't wait to see the final outcome, when it's finished I will post an update!

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