May 7, 2009

Easy Peasy Card Challenge

This was the Wednesday card challenge from the gals over at If the Shoe Fits...Scrap It! We were to create a card with 2/3 of negative space (empty). I had made his mother's day twinchie (2x2 decorated card stock) and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it and this was it. I really like the way this card came out and after I figured out what ribbon to use and what color card to use it was done in seconds!!


Anonymous said...

CUTE, tammi! i like how the squares and straight lines come together. TWINCHIES! great use for 'em! i've never done 'em, and now at least i have an idea - thanks!


lesleyworth said...

very nice! love the idea of using the twinchie for this! thanks for playing along with us at the Shoe!

Tracey said...

very nice!!! i agree with les on the twinchie use...i have TONS of those lying around! guess i need to pull em out! you have inspired me!

Kivara said...

OMGosh! Thank you! I have a giant bag full of twinchies & IO had run out of ideas for them.
Love the card!