May 14, 2009

Great Find!!

So the other day a couple of my friends and I went up to Williamsburg to do some shopping. My friend Tara was looking for a cardigan for her daughter since the weather is warmer but can still have a slight chill and winter jackets are just too bulky for the spring. Just on the off chance we went into this children's boutique to see what they had. They had one cardigan for her daughter's size (4t) and it costs $60!!!! WOW! That just about blew us away! So we were getting ready to go back to the cars out the back door when we pass the boys section and on the rack is the cutest curious George rain jacket. So I just had to go over and look at the size and price. It was a size 5 (my son is in 2t but I like large rain jackets so I can use them longer) and it only cost $36!! For a rain jacket, a good quality one, that is a really good price!! So I looked at Tara and she told me I had to get it and I did!! I love this jacket and then ladies told me as I was paying for it that it was the last one and the company lost the copyright for curious George so they don't even make them anymore!! It was simply meant to be!! So here is my fabulous find!!


Chrissy's Creations said...

So cute!

MurdockFamily said...

Awwww! I love that you posted this on here! It really was a GREAT deal! I did find Hannah a cardigan too, on Ebay for $12. Much better than $60!

Theresa said...

What a cute rain jacket - I wouldn't mind if they made those in my size!!!!