May 7, 2009

Recent Projects

{THIS IS ME}~ This was for a challenge with the Scrapbooking Krazy group on Cafe Mom. This was for the "2nd page of me" challenge in which we had to represent some of our favorite things. There was only one space in the sketch that would allow for a photo or journaling so I decided to use it as both. I printed my favorite things on vellum and then overlapped it on the photo. I thought it was a clever way of representing me while keeping my favorite things the subject of the LO. Hope you enjoy it!

These next two are LO's that I did to try and get last years scrapbook done and on the shelf rather than my floor waiting to be finished.

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Hanford said...

We used this same technique in fourth grade when we wrote Christmas poems on tracing paper and put them over a colored piece of Christmas scenery. Maybe you vaguely remember that. It is a fun and easy technique that gives an interesting look.