March 18, 2009

Catching up

So I just needed to catch up on some things I've been doing. This first one was a card sketch challenge from the Card Swappers & More group on Cafe Mom. The card had to be square and it had to be baby themed. I'm not sure I love it but I think it's cute and it was fun to make.

The Sketch

My Card

This next one was the technique challenge from the Card Swappers & More group on Cafe Mom. We were to use dryer sheets. There were three different ways we could use it. We could use it like a type of mulberry paper after dying it, or we could stamp and image on it and use it as a layer, or we could put glue on the back of the dryer sheet and layer it over a stamped image then sprinkle glitter on it and the glitter is supposed to stick through the holes of the dryer sheet. I did the last one. I'm not quite happy with the way the glitter looks, I wished it had been more spread out but it's good for a first attempt. I also stamped on the dryer sheet. Once the dryer sheet was over the stamped image with the glitter the image kinda looked washed so i stamped again over the top just to define it more. I think the card is cute. This was fun.

This was a LO Sketch from the ScrapNMoms group on Cafe Mom. It was a circle LO, which I've never done before but was excited to try. I don't have a large circle cutter so I got my biggest bowl and traced it then cut out my circle. It was the be a LO about us using our favorite color. For those of you who know me well, circles and green are my favorite things and put together I LOVE it! So here it is, it took me a while to find some decent pictures I wanted to use but once I did I knew where to go from there.

The Sketch


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