March 9, 2009

Sketch and Inspiration Challenges

These next two challenges were also from the Card Swappers & More group on Cafe Mom. This was the Sketch we had to follow and the card had to be birthday themed. And below it is my version.

Card Sketch

My Version

The inspiration challenges this month are flowers. This is the flower we were given today. My card is underneath the inspiration picture. I got the idea from another challenge I had seen but didn't do which was a cirlce card. The flap is held on by a brad and it swings up to reveal the message. I really love this card and had a great time making it.

Inspiration Flower

Front of card

Inside of Card

I used my circle cutter from Creative memories for this card. I used the largest circle and cut around the outside for the back of the card and cut around the inside of the template for the green cirlc and the cover. I used pink tissue paper for the flower, I traced the circle i cut out onto the tissue paper and then cut out the circles in the tissue paper. Then you scrunch the tissue paper like you would while stuffing a gift bag. I then took a hole punch and punched holes in the card cover and put the bottom of the tissue paper through the holes and taped them on the back to secure them. Then I lightly inked the edges of the tissue paper with white ink. The leaves are just plain cardstock that I cut out and then crumpled to give it some texture. The stamp was stamped in white ink.

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