March 25, 2009

Wednesday Challenge from If The Shoe fits...Scrap It! (3/25/09)

This was a card challenge from the gals over at If The Shoe fits...Scrap It!. We were challenged to create a card with at least two elements that were embossed. Luckily I have recently discovered embossing and have the tools needed for it. Unfortunately my paper embossing (a crimper like tool) didn't do a great job on the paper (orange) and it's hard to see it in the photo but it's a star pattern. I really like the way my sentiment came out. It's kinda speckled blue and white, I used a white ink to stamp and then a light blue embossing powder on top and the end result was cool and not expected at all. I think it turned out cute!


lesleyworth said...

Super cute! Love the colors!

cloudofdreams said...

Very CUTE!! I like how you used the red white & Blue!! :-)

stillspastic said...

the sentiment looks great! i tend to stick with "safe" heat-embossing combinations - regular old embossing ink and some gold or bronzey embossing powder... but this inspires me to try new things!

i can see the dry-embossed stars up close - looks cute on the dotty paper! the card came out lovely!


kitten91303 said...

Sweet card!

Tracey said...

very cute! i'm starting to really like all these star cards....i think i will have to do something with stars!